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“We have used and counted on B&R Machining as valued supplier for many years.  I always know B&R is going to be truthful and have our company’s best interest at the forefront.”

Jerry C.  (customer since 1996)

“I work with a multitude of vendors in my manufacturing job and of all those vendors, ordering from B&R Machining is the easiest.  When I place an order, I can forget about it because I know it will be handled and handled correctly.  When at times I’ve had to expedite an order to help correct a problem on our end, the management at B&R Machining is always willing to get me out of a jam.

I will tell anyone if they want quality parts, made correctly and on time, working with people of character, then B&R Machining has got to be one of the best companies to work with in the Upstate.

Having a long-term relationship with B&R, I have observed a very small turnover in employees.  I believe this speaks well for the owner and his care for the employees.  From what I have heard, he wants his workers to do well in life as partners in his company.

All of these qualities speak well for B&R Machining and in my opinion, they are  a top-notch, A+ company to do business with on a daily basis.”

David A. (customer since 2008)