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B&R Takes Pride in Delivering Quality Products

Nothing is more important to B&R Machining and Fabrication than our customers receiving 100% quality inspected parts they can rely on. We are proud to have systems in place which allow our company to focus on quality control, tracking ability, and documentation of quality.

Quality control at B&R Machining means… 

  • B&R employees are thoroughly trained in ISO methodology.
  • B&R employees check all parts hourly during the manufacturing process to maintain the high-quality control standards in place.
  • B&R provides traceable documentation of quality control to make sure that high-quality products remain a consistent priority.
  • B&R provides custom packaging to ensure delivery of ready-to-use parts keeping our customers from experiencing any unnecessary delays, hassles or frustrations.
  • B&R offers over 20 years of experience in delivering 100% quality inspected, custom parts which are carefully packaged and delivered right to our customers’ doors!

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