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B&R Machining and Fabrication offers the services your company needs!

B&R Machining provides a variety of services to its customers. Due to the various kinds of machinery and equipment available, we can accommodate your company’s quantity needs whether it be a single part or a series of continuous production runs. Customers can always contact a B&R customer service representative to discuss any specific requirements or requests about a particular job.

Under our CNC milling, turning capabilities, and flat sheet cutting, we offer a comprehensive package of services which include but are not limited to the following:

CNC Milling, Turning Capabilities, and Flat Sheet Cutting

  1. Machining of Metal and Plastic Parts:
    • Cylindrical CNC Grinding
    • Surface Grinding
    • Fabrication and Welding
    • Sawing
    • Computerized Metrology
  2. Flat Sheet Cutting Capabilities
    •  Arclight 4’x8’ Plasma Cutting System
  3. Other Miscellaneous Services:
    • Electroless Nickel Plating
    • Zinc and Yellow Chromate Plating
    • Powder Coating
    • Heat Treating
    • Zinc and Clear Plating

Metrology Capabilities

As part of our metrology services, B&R Machining offers a print out of all part dimensions. Our state of the art computerized metrology equipment gives us the ability to check parts quickly for high quality control. Human error is eliminated with this technology. Also, a greater number of parts can be checked in less time with more accuracy than ever before.

B&R Machining uses Mastercam software for all milling and turning programming. By using Mastercam software, our company can do everything from simple parts to complex 3D milling  with efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Customer Specific Machinery

Unlike many of our competition, B&R Machining can design and create customer specific machinery if the need arises for a particular job. To learn more about this unique option, please click here for more information.

**Important Information for Quote Requests**

To best serve you and to expedite the quoting process, please provide one or both of the preferred file types:


If you do not have access to these file types, please send whichever one(s) you do have available, such as a PDF file.

“Our Quotes are not rough estimates – we run simulations to give a clear picture of our machining costs.”

Please, contact us today and discover how simple and rewarding it can be to make B&R Machining and Fabrication, Inc. your company’s preferred option for all of its machining, fabrication and assembly needs!