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B&R Machining and Fabrication, Inc.

wants your business to succeed!

At B&R Machining and Fabrication, we strive to establish and maintain healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with ALL customers. To fulfill our mission, B&R must be able to produce quality inspected parts in a timely manner. No matter who the customer might be or how large the quantity of parts needed is, orders must get out the door. Thus, B&R Machining has the state of the art machinery and equipment that is necessary to produce quality parts for well over 10 different industries!

B&R has the machining and measuring equipment needed to successfully complete any customer’s project. Our shop is set up to give us the ability to accommodate any size order whether it be a single part or a continuous production run. From CNC milling and turning to electroless nickel plating or production assembly, B&R Machining is prepared to handle almost any job our customers need done.

Now offering Flat Sheet Metal Cutting and Fabrication services.  Plasma cutting offers surface edge quality like laser cutting.  Hole tolerance and feature tolerance are similar and are offered at a more competitive price than laser cutting.

Our equipment capabilities include the following:

CNC Turning Centers:

(1) Dainichi F20 10” Chuck; 2.06” through spindle
(1) Doosan Twin spindles with live tooling (2.625 through) and IEMCA 12′ gantry barfeed
(1) Doosan With SPEGO barfeed – 12”
(1) IKEGAI With live tooling
(1)  Mori-Seiki SL3  High to low gear spindle
(1) Mori-Seiki ZL – 25B With twin turrets
(1) Okuma Captain With live tooling 2008; 3.5” through spindle
(1) Okuma Crown 762S – BB 2.75” through spindle
(1) Okuma & Howa Twin spindles; ACT2SP – V2
(1) Samsung SL 2000 BSY Twin spindles with live tooling; Y-axis, and IEMCA 12’ gantry barfeed
(1) Takisawa TC – 2 MZ

CNC Vertical Machining Centers:

(1) Fadal VMC15 (30” x 16”) Model No. 914-15; 7.5K spindle with fourth axis rotary table
(1) Fadal (40” x 20”) 7.5K spindle with fourth axis rotary table
(1) Fadal VMC (40” x 20”) 10K spindle with fourth axis rotary table; probe location ability
(1) Okuma MC – V (40” x 20”) 15K spindle
(1) Okuma MC – V (40” x 20”) 8K spindle

Horizontal Machining Centers:

(1) Mori-Seiki NH 4000 With curt cluster towers & double action vises
(1) OKK HM4 Cluster towers & double action towers
(1) Kitamura Mycenter-HX250G

Horizontal Bandsaws:

(1) Hem Saw V – 50 14” capacity with auto feed
(1) Hyd-Mech S – 20 14” capacity with swivel head to 60°
(1) Wellsaw 18” capacity with auto feed

Vertical Saws:

(1) Dake Johnson VH – 24 15’1” blade hydraulic table feed & blade welder
(1) Hem Saw V100 16” capacity with auto feed & digital tilt head (45° both ways)

Measuring Equipment:

(1) Granite Surface Plate Roughness height measurer
(1) Handy Surf E – 35A
(1) ST Industries Optical Comparator With Quadra-Chek 2000 digital readout
(1) TESA Digital height gauge
    ~Vast inventory of other measuring equipment available (too large to list).

Manual Machines:

(1) Comet Vertical Mill With digital readout; power feed; air tool changer
(1) Select Machine 16303 3-jaw chuck with digital readout
(1) Shenyang Engine Lathe 10″ 3-jaw chuck  & 15″ 4-jaw chuck
(1) Takang Engine Lathe With digital readout; 3-jaw chuck and/or 4-jaw  chuck
(2) Warner & Swasey No. 4 Turret lathe
(1) Willis 1050ii CAT 30 tool holder with quick change; digital readout; power feed

Robotic Welders:

(1) Fanuc Arc Mate 100iC With Fronious welding systems & indexing tables
(1) Motoman SK6 With Hobart welding systems & indexing tables


(1) Actelyne Cutting
(1) Disc Sander 20” diameter
(1) Harig Surface Grinder 618W; with auto feed on all axes
(1) Hydraulic Press 120 Tons
(1) Hydraulic Press 60 Tons
(1) Hydraulic Press 30 Tons
(1) Hyster Forklift 4000 lbs./propane
(1) Iron Worker 55 Tons – punch and sheer
(2) Lincoln Welders With “Mig” gun
(10) Manual Drill Presses Clausing & Miscellaneous
(1) Miller Syncrowave With “Tig” and “Stick” welders
(2) Miller Welders  With “Mig” gun
(1) Plasma Cutting Portable
(1) Toyota Forklift 5000 lbs./propane with side shift
(1) Welding Positioner  1/8” to 3/8” weld bead
(2) Vibratory Tumblers  A.k.a. “Roto”

Remember, here at B&R Machining and Fabrication, we want our customers’ businesses to succeed just as much as our own business. As the machining and fabrication industry evolves, so does our company.

Our customers can rest assured knowing that B&R Machining is committed to adding new equipment as technologies and needs continue to change each year.