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B&R Machining invests itself in the success of your business!

Here at B&R Machining and Fabrication, we are known for our vast array of equipment and service capabilities. Having over 30 different types of machines on-site allows our company to serve over 10 different industries nationwide. From railroad products all the way down to miscellaneous walk-in jobs, B&R Machining can accommodate them all without problem.

Our company takes time to invest itself in the success of not only our own business but also yours! From CNC milling and turning to electroless nickel plating, we have the state of the art machining and measuring equipment necessary to produce the quality parts your company needs to successfully complete any project and keep your business moving forward.

B&R Machining also offers a great deal more in service capabilities than most shops in our industry. We have established our company in such a way that gives us the ability to accommodate any amount of parts your business might need. So, whether it is just a single acquisition or a series of continuous production runs, be assured B&R has the proper tools to get the job done!

To learn more about the different types of equipment and services B&R has to offer, please use one of the following links, or simply click the “Equipment & Services” tab above to view these pages. For equipment needs and information, click here. For information about our services, click here.