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Contact and Location Information:

Owner and Operator:  Barry Ballew

Financial-Office Administrator:  Monica Carver

♦  Phone:  (864)834-9692

♦  Fax:  (864)834-2114

♦  Email:

Physical Address:  1165 N. Hwy. 25, Travelers Rest, SC  29690

Mailing Address:  140 Ballew Road, Travelers Rest, SC  29690

Our Privacy Policy:

Customer privacy is extremely important to our company. B&R Machining and Fabrication will never share any client’s personal information including email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. All customers may specify the extent of their privacy needs including but not limited to non-disclosure agreements.

Quote Requests:

Want to learn more about B&R Machining’s job quoting process? Please, visit our quote information page to find out all the details you need to know.