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Custom Parts & Machining and Fabrication Equipment

Our photo gallery option gives customer’s the chance to view our products before making a purchase decision. Through these photos, opportunity is given to future clients so they may see the kind of quality products which they are able to receive by choosing to do business with B&R Machining and Fabrication.

We also give clients the opportunity to see the many different types of machining and fabrication equipment which we have available for use. B&R Machining wants every customer to rest assured knowing we have the proper equipment available to complete just about any job.

We want our customers thoroughly informed about what doing business with B&R Machining looks like. Therefore, multiple videos are also available for review to give customers a live look at how things operate at B&R. 

Our company firmly believes that once informed consumers will be sure to choose B&R Machining and Fabrication, Inc. for all of their machining, fabrication and assembly needs!